It was a great adventure while it lasted.

Broadmeadow Estuary – Aaron Downes©

A spring marathon or an upcoming race were always useful tools to get down to business in January. Blow the festive period cobwebs off. I decided this year that there will be no races instead I will come up with a bunch of challenges and adventures each month. I got the idea for January’s from Alastair Humphreys newsletter shouting from the shed. The idea was to run 1km on January 1st and keep going each day until I reached the 31st and a 31km run. So 31 days of consecutive running, I had done this once before in December 2016. 496km in total in one month, approximately 49 hours of running. Which I had not done before in one month. I got pretty sick over Christmas, so not feeling 100% on January 1st, plus there were a few drinks had the night before. Irrespective the adventure started. I also chose to run the same route each day, adding a half km and then turning back home. It took me 11 days to get to the end of the estuary, 18 days to get to Malahide village. Once I knew I was out for more than 90 minutes. I switched to early mornings, knowing I would not have enough time during the day.

The estuary at 6am on a crisp clear morning with a full moon is magical. I got to Low rock on day 20. The idea of combining with a dip in the sea was a clear sign I was on the verge of losing it all together. From day 10 onwards it was tough going, I was super tired each day. Work was tough. I was not making the right adjustments at home, not focusing on my diet, still having drinks at the weekend and not paying attention to my sleep. That said, half marathon day was Friday 21st and I felt super good that morning. For 10 days my Garmin was telling me I was over reaching, 3 days recovery needed. But getting home that Friday I had a deep sense that I could go all the way to the 31st. I had doubts up to that point.

Friday night I kicked back with some cold beers and some junk food, a nice time chatting to Angie. I headed to bed not feeling too good. Boom fever kicked in during the night, I was a wreck by the next morning. I had burned candles at both ends for too long and that was it. 44 year old Aaron’s body was saying… enough.. That was the end of the adventure!

It was a great adventure whilst it lasted, I learned a lot. First of all I am 44 not 24, get real and if you want to live more adventurously eat well, sleep well, and focus on balance. Next, I don’t need to have a financial commitment to a race or some event organisers bank account, I can just make a commitment to myself, set a challenge, take it seriously and just get it done!

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