It’s almost 2022

Tomorrow is the final day of 2021. I will sit down and spend half the day reviewing the year that has been. For the past few years I do this exercise off line. Just me, my thoughts and pen and paper. First up I take a timeline of the year and plot out each month. I then add a couple of keywords that spring to mind for each particular month. This helps to get the memory going.

Next I will add a couple of bullets under the following headings.

What I am proud of

Favourite Memories

Things I can improve

Banana skins

Favourite trips/Days out

Favourite books, movies

Lessons learned

I have been journaling for over a year. If I get stuck on any of the above reflections I will use this time to go back and read some of the things I shared from each month of the year. This is about as much as I will do on reflections.

Next I will set out goals for the coming year. They roughly fall into the following categories, family, financial, personal, professional and projects. During each year I create lists, learning lists, micro adventure lists, mid year goal lists, mini challenges and so on. In many respects setting goals for me is an evolving process. In my professional life I am driven by the goals and challenges of the quarter, half year and year ahead. So that piece of headspace is already taken up. What I capture in this process is the fuel that helps me operate in all aspects of my life. If I am to land on a goal that makes sense it has to be a) something tangible and tactical b) I need to know what’s the next best action to make it happen and c) what’s the purpose, why am I doing it.

For example I got an idea from Alastair Humphreys. I have set a goal for January called 1km + 1. On January 1st I will run 1km and the next day I will add one more and so on until the 31st. This goal pretty clearly nails a and b. What about c. Keeping fit and strong is really important to me – check!, doing something I am not quite sure I can complete is important to me – check! Will I learn something about myself doing this – check. Will I have to figure out along the way how to make this happen – check! Ok good idea, so lets make it happen. When I started Creative Development back in 2008. That was always the principle focus, taking ideas to action. I read somewhere that ideas without action are ideals. I much prefer to be a realist and do something to see what I can learn along the way.

Happy New Year.


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